How to Spice Things Up When You’re Bored in a Relationship


It happens in the best of relationships: inevitably, one or both parties begin to get a little bored. A lot of times, this might be the end of a friendship. However, it doesn’t have to be. Growing bored in a romantic life doesn’t mean it’s time to put an end to things. It just means that it’s time for you to find ways for you and your girlfriend to stop getting bored. Here are five things that can help you spice things up when you or your lady start to get bored in that spirit’s relationship life.

Role Play

Maybe things got a little stale in the bedroom, and you want to spice things up, so you’re both getting less lonely in the relationship tedium. There’s a quick way to do that: you can become someone else. Speak to each other about your darkest desires, and find ways to play them. There are many tools for you and your girlfriend to read on how you can play a sexual role in your relationship and get rid of boredom.

Staycation Together

Here’s a way to change things, add some fresh air to your relationship, and get rid of a bit of boredom: go on a stay together. Rent a motel room in your town and get a little time away from home. The relationship often wants a slight change of scenery to dust up the cobwebs and put a little light into it, chasing the boredom away. Only give it a shot. Your girl’s going to love it because it’s sort of like being a kid again, except for an adult’s bank account.

Make Her Laugh, Make Her Smile

Women love a man who makes them laugh. Even more than that, they love a man who can make them smile from the depths of their being. If you can get her to laugh again the same way you did when the two of you started dating for the first time, you’re going to make a big move towards getting rid of the trend of “bored in the relationship.” If you can get her to smile, with that pink glow that shows true happiness, that’s when you’ve got more than a foot in the door to get the boredom out of your lives.

Small Favors Make a Big Difference

Small favors will remind her why you liked her in the first place. Think stuff like getting her the little thing she loves that only you know. Or maybe even making dishes before she even gets home from work, a back rub in front of her bed, or preparing her dinner. These are the small things that can make a huge difference in a relationship.

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