It Doesn’t Have to be Boring — How to spice up your relationship.


Why should you spice up your relationship?

To most people, it means dull. It’s human nature to want something different still until we get used to the familiar. The first reason you’re going to spice up your relationship is to make sure it doesn’t get boring. If it’s dull, no big deal, spice it up to get it out of the zone.

The second explanation is to stop breaking up. People break up when the relationship is boring. Then they cover the real reason for the split, using other superficial stuff like, “she’s got big ears,” “he’s got a babyface.” You didn’t know that before you started a relationship with them?

But why is this the problem after 3–5 months?

For those who stay in a “boring” relationship without improving it, the third reason contributes to unhappiness. That’s because, at this point, it’s clear that the relationship is boring, but the couple is not ready either to make it right or to let it go.

At what point should you spice up your relationship

Let me share a personal experience: I’ve been in a relationship with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met for three years. We were 100 % positive that our relationship was rock solid, and we didn’t need anything special. We have problems like marriages, but we still fix them as soon as possible. We were, and still are, mad about each other.

Some time ago, we were at a stage where we felt we could be our relationship position. A few weeks later, a strange thing happened — we had to be London escorts at the same location at the same time for a 3-week graduation orientation. In those three weeks, we’ve seen each other every day. When we got back, we found that the experience of spending so long together made us closer than we could have ever expected, even though we thought we were in a “perfect” zone.

That experience has taught us something — you shouldn’t wait until your partnership becomes a mere routine before you can spic it up. To my girlfriend and me, we were as close to each other as humanly possible and, thus, we didn’t need anything else at that time. We’ve always been waiting for our relationship to get boring before we should take action. This isn’t meant to be so. Vacations shouldn’t be just because you or your partner are pulling away. Date nights aren’t all meant to be his / her birthday. Love Texts aren’t ever meant to work on your birthday or your relationship anniversary.

Spice up your relationship not only when it’s dull but also when things look all rosy.

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